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2.4GHz Waveguide 12dBi Antenna
2.4GHz Waveguide 12dBi Antenna
Number: 989
Item number: WCA-2450-12
Weight: 850.00 g
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The 2.4GHz WAVEGUIDE 12dBi Antenna is point to point, or directional and used for both indoor and outdoor uses. It works the best in the tunnels or between 2 huge buildings. The angle covers around 10 degree and covers distance up to 1100 meter. It can even cover up to 2 miles if it is used within the tunnels or between 2 huge buildings. It is required the low loss N type Male cable assembly for best performance.

The waveguide itself is simply a tube which is either rectangular or cylindrical in crossed section carries a microwave radio signal with low signal loss. It is made from aluminum and comes with easy-setup mounting kits.

It is used to extend the range of your own wireless network or to connect to other networks within your neighborhood. With the integrated RF cable, it is easily to hook up to your wireless router, access point (AP) or home computers. Laptop users can buy our USB adapter and one SMA RP cable assembly to connect to your laptop.

Followings are the ways to use our Waveguide Antenna:
(1) Networking with neighbors for house-to-house gaming, file- sharing, web-surfing, and etc.
(2) Connecting to public wireless hot spots from coffee houses, restaurants, resorts, RV-parks, truck stops, libraries, and more.
(3) Bridging gaps in your wireless network at home or office.
(4) Sharing a broadband connection with others, where permitted

We suggest you using this antenna with below items:
(1) Pre-made LLC cable (N male type to a connector fit your Router/AP/Radio) -> Boost Router/AP/Radio.
(2) Pre-made LLC cable (N male to RP SMA male) + WIFI USB Adapter -> Boost PC/Laptop


2.4GHz WAVEGUIDE 12dBi Antenna
Frequency:2400 - 2483MHz
Gain:12 dBi
Beamwidth degHorz.20°
VSWR:≤ 1.5:1
Dimension:153mm x 104mm
Mount:U Type Mounting kit
Connector:N Type/Female
Waveguide Model
N male to RP SMA male 5M Cable (LL200) 
£ 15.19 -/ PCS
N male to RP SMA male 7M Cable (LL200) 
£ 18.49 -/ PCS
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