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Home > Wireless Accessories > 3GHz/6GHz Lightning Protectors > 0-6GHz Series
0-6GHz Arrest (N female to N female Bulkhead)
0-6GHz Arrest (N female to N female Bulkhead)
Number: 902
Item number: WL-LA-NJ-NJBKD6G
Weight: 170.00 g
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=== Made in Taiwan ===

Up to 6GHz of all frequency Lightning Protector for UHF/GSM/GPS/CDMA/3G/WLAN/WiMax
N female to N female bulkhead

Spec. listed below:

Frequency Range: 0 to 6Ghz
VSWR: 1:1.4 Max
Insertion Loss: 0.6 dB Max
Impedence: 50 ohm
Gas Tube DC: 230 ± 20%
Breadkdown Vo1 Tage Gas Tube Impules: ≤ 700V
Breadkdown Vo1 Tage Gas Tube Insulation: ≧ 10000M ohm
Resistance MAX withstand Current: 5KV
RF Power Rating: 15W
Connector: N-type/Female to Female Bulkhead
WIFI-Link Group - WIFI-Link Network : Taiwan
(All products are Made In Taiwan)
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