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Do you need a new antenna for your broadband router or latop/PC?

If it is for your broadband router, please make sure your router has a detachable antenna. Then try to unscrew the antenna to find the connection type; SMA, RP SMA, TNC or RP TNC? This is where will connect a WIFI-link antenna. If you don't have a detachable antenna you will need an AP Router with a WIFI-link antenna to plug into your broadband router.

If is for your laptop/pc, please make sure the operating system of your laptop/pc is compatible with our driver(e.g. WIN 7/XP/VISTA & MAC OS) and your laptop/pc has a USB port for the connection.

Decide what kind the antenna you need?
360°Omnidirectional or Directional?

360°Omnidirectional: The signal is transmitted equal strength in a dounghnut shape. The problem with these type antennas is they transmit in all directions. Some of the transmitted energy is lost, but you can reduce this using a directional antenna which focuses the transmitted signal in one direction.

Directional: The signal is transmitted in only one direction. These can be used to extended your WIFI-network to outbuildings with minimal loss of signal.

Check the frequency of your WIFI network? 2.4GHz, 3G, 5GHz?

An antenna must be operated on the same frequency as your network so please choose the right frequency of a new antenna .

Decide how far of the signal range you need?

Make sure you get a antenna with enough range for your needs.

How to choose a pre-made cable?

We have 3 types of low loss cables - low loss 100 , low loss 200 and low loss 400 cable.
The higher the number, the thicker the cable is & less loss of signal. Also make sure you get the right connector.
» LLC100 cable: diameter 2.70mm & Pre-made length up to 1 meter
» LLC200 cable: diameter 4.97mm & Pre-made length up to 7 meter
» LLC400 cable: diameter 10.30mm & Pre-made length up to 30 meter

Finally check all connectors are compatible?

Please check the connector type of the new antenna , cable, and your broadband router or WIFI USB adapter are compatible with each other.

Ready to buy? What Equipment do you need?

For a broadband router with a detachable antenna
> A WIFI Antenna + A Pre-made Low Loss Cable

For a broadband router without a detachable antenna
> A WIFI Antenna + A Pre-made Low Loss Cable + An AP router

For a laptop/pc router with a USB port
> A WIFI Antenna + A Pre-made Low Loss Cable + A WIFI USB Adapter
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